Monday, August 24, 2009

Finally! August 24th - Josiah's Surgery

Today is the big day!! Mama came to stay with Alexander and Zechariah while we headed off to Chapel Hill for Josiah's first surgery. There are no words to describe how excited this child is to have surgery?? He is very anxious to "fix his eye" and he has been asking "when I go to doctor mama?" Although we try to explain to him this is the beginning of a very long process, he is READY to get started!

Last night we had to wash with antibacterial soap from chin down and once again this morning. We had to get "super duper clean". Josiah was so good at following directions in preparation for his surgery. I was worried that he could not have anything to eat after midnight and unsure of actual surgery time. He could have sips of juice until 7:30 am. Once again, my little Asian angel amazed me and didn't complain at all about his tummy. This comes from a little boy who calls for food as soon as his feet hit the floor in the morning.

Auntie Lydia and Uncle Ben came yesterday to hook Josiah up with all he needed for surgery an recovery:) He received the cutest Chapel Hill scrubs, Carolina Ram, and a backpack full of fun stuff to do while recovering.

Is my child ready or what???

Josiah took this picture of his very nervous mommy!

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