Saturday, July 11, 2009

You are My Sunflower Sunshine

How's that Zech? Recently, Zech does not like for me to call him nicknames (Sweetie, Sweet Pea, Pumpkin, Sweetie Pie, Peanut .... he does NOT want to be called anything but Zech).

So, I wonder if Sunshine will work? Zech (with a little help from his brothers and me) planted a sunflower garden and here are the results:) Usually, Zech frowns when I try to interrupt him to take his picture, but he didn't hesitate when I asked for a picture in front of "his" sunflowers.

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Pam and Brian said...

I haven't checked on you in awhile. It's great to see the boys doing so well. I love the sunflower garden. Ben is 5 and although I can still call him sweetie, he does not like having his picture taken. If he is going to have his picture taken, he sticks out his tongue! Aren't boys great?!